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We tell stories

Our company

Founded in 2010 by Simona Ercolani, Stand By Me is home to creatives, authors, copywriters, filmmakers, editors, directors, art directors and producers united in the craft of storytelling – for television, platforms, institutions and businesses.

From scripted to unscripted, from entertainment to TV series, from documentaries to children’s programs, our strength lies in our ability to tell stories for all ages and for every context.

We do it day in and day out, working with the most important players in the industry, all the while winning awards and reaching new goals with our partners.

We have created more than 40 original formats and we produce more than 500 hours of content per year – because we know how to speak to audiences on their own terms.

Since 2020 we have been part of the ASACHA group, co-founded with other European partners.

Today, as ever…We tell stories.