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La vita è una figata

“Life is cool” is a TV show starring Bebe Vio who opens the doors of her house. Over the six episodes, Bebe welcomes strangers with an extraordinary life as well as people from culture, sport and show business in her loft. With her unique cheerful, curious and sometimes irreverent style, she will talk to them and listen to their secrets to be able to share the challenge’s, passions, dreams and aspirations of their lives.

Ci vediamo in tribunale

Conflicts between two neighbours, family poisoning, tensions between two colleagues, revenges and missteps and finally that sentence: “see you in court”.

“Ci vediamo In tribunale” tells the stories of two people undergoing a civil lawsuit using a ‘scripted reality’ language,thanks to an accurate re-enactment and characters interviews with the legal consult of the attorney Simone Buffardi.

Finally, the verdict will settle the dispute.

Alta Infedeltà

“Alta Infedeltà” is a scripted reality show about betrayals, love triangles, unfaithful love. Each story is narrated by husband, wife and lover’s point of view. Metaphorical crossroads, lies, astonishment are the show’s main ingredients … “As if there are thousands ways to love, there will be thousands ways to betray”.

Lost in Paramount

Nimble, fresh, authentic. Lost in Paramount is the first original series endorsed by Paramount Channel. Francesco Mandelli and Carolina Crescentini perform two young actors, invited in a lodge by a mysterous director for a very important audition, Lars. But does Lars exist or not?