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Faking It – Truth or Lies is Nove’s true crime series hosted by Pino Rinaldi, which premiered on TV from Thursday 16 March.  The series builds on the data that emerges from the study of human criminal behaviour. The person in front of us does not always tell the truth: sometimes it is only thanks to body language and tone of voice that we can really understand someone. Alongside Rinaldi will be profiler Margherita Carlini (psychotherapist and forensic criminologist), listener Felix B. Lecce (expert in forensic communication) and watcher Diego Ingrassia (expert in emotional-behavioural analysis). Together, the three experts will examine four crimes that have one thing in common: people who were found guilty of murders in court proceedings continue to proclaim themselves innocent, even years later. Faking It – Truth or lies? is produced by Stand by Me for Warner Bros Discovery.